What’s your weakness?

Everybody has at least one bodybuilding weak spot. A part of your body that you might not believe is coming around as fast as the rest of you. It could be your pec, your glutes or just about anything. In bodybuilding your goal should be symmetry. You want your body to develop evenly. This means making sure that everything is balanced.

To do this, you must first identify your weakness. If you are not sure, ask someone to evaluate you. Once you identify your weakness, you can begin to target it.

The ultimate goal here is to turn your weakness into a strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger, tells a story about how he hated his calfs. He forced himself to make them a strength by cutting the legs off of his clothing to expose his calf muscles. This gave him the motivation to build them up.

Improving Your Weak Spot

To improve your weak spot, you must do one of two things.

First, you need to evaluate your program and make sure that you are hitting the muscle properly. If needed, add some isolation exercises. If you are doing high reps, switch to low reps and higher weights. If you are doing low reps, switch to higher reps and a reduced weight. Try this approach first and see if that problem spot begins to improve.

If changing your routine does not give you the desired affect, you need to increase your frequency. The week is a man made concept. Why should we think that our bodies grow on a weekly basis. You might need to work that body part twice or even three times a week to get growth. Adding additional frequency could help you bust that plateau.

Combined with a proper diet, one of the above techniques should help you easily bust through a plateau and turn that weak body part into one of your strongest.

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