Mixing things up with a mixer

Do your muscles get bored?

Many people say yes, they do. They say that you should mix up your workout to get the most gains. While most people do the same thing every day, they say that you should constantly be varying your workout to get the most benefit.

So, is this true?

In my opinion, after years of workouts I can honestly say, I don’t know.

To be honest, I have never noticed too much difference between varying my workout and doing the same thing. That might be because my standard workout is pretty involved though. I already hit my muscles from just about every angle so for me, it is probably not necessary to vary my workout.

Now that this is out of the way, you should know that there still might be some strong reasons to vary your workout and mix it up. Everyone is different, so here are some reasons that you might consider changing your routine.

Changing Your Routine

Hit muscles from a different angle.

If your workout is not as varied as mine or is a bit simpler, you might want to change up your exercises to hit the muscles differently. There are many little helper muscles that you might not be hitting with your regular workout.

Build a different type of strength.

For most of us, we want size and strength. But what about endurance? You might be able to bench 315 pounds but how many times can you press 225? At the NFL combine, for example, the 225 press is one of the main events. How do you compare to these guys? It might be nice to build up the endurance and see.

End the workout boredom.

Doing the same thing each and every day can get quite tedious. It can make you dread your workout and possibly even limit your motivation. You can keep things interesting by varying your workout and adding some new and possibly more challenging lifts.

How To Mix Things Up

Change The Exercise

This is the most obvious way to change your routine. Move from the bench press to the incline press or dumbell press. Change from leg curls to stiff legged dead lifts. There are hundreds of different lifts out there, all you have to do is search for them.

Change The Reps

If you normally press heavy with low reps, switch it up. Move to a lower weight and higher reps. A little time building endurance could eventually spawn new gains in strength.

Move Your Days Around

Sometimes, just switching your days around can make things interesting again. Move your leg day from Tuesday to Thursday or switch from a 5 day workout week to a 4 day one.