Do You Need Suplements

One of the biggest questions that we get all the time is about supplements. What supplements should I be taking?

The bodybuilding industry has made it appear like you will never get any kind of results without supplements. They parade these super bulky athletes out there who claim to use “supplement x”. “Supplement x” is what allowed me to build bulk, get super ripped and have women hanging off of me.

Well, let me tell you what helped most of these guys get ripped, steroids!

In fact, the only supplement that will really help you get huge is steroids. That is not what you want to do though, I am just saying that it is ridiculous to think some formula in a bottle is going to do anything for you. But that is what they try to make you believe.

Having said that, there are just two things that you should consider incorporating into your life. Both are totally unnecessary if you are eating a balanced diet. Those two things are a multivitamin and protein powder.

If you are eating a good diet, you do not need either but most people, quite frankly, do not eat a good diet.

About Multivitamins

This is the most important of the two things above because few people get all of the vitamins that they need through eating their regular meals. Are foods are so processed and overcooked that vitamins have a hard time getting to you. Just a simple “One A Day” vitamin can do wonders, no need to go with anything fancy.

About Protein Powder

Most people actually do not need this because they get enough protein in their diet. You do not need near as much protein as the industry says. One gram per pound of  lean mass is plenty. So, if you weight 200 pounds, 150 grams of protein a day will be just fine.

Since an 8 ounce chicken breast has about 70 grams of protein, you should have no problem getting enough protein in your diet from regular food. If you do find the need to supplement, one protein shake a day will probably suffice. The supplement industry does not want to promote that message because they have to move those huge tubs of powder.

In Conclusion

So, to wrap things up. Eat a balanced diet and you do not need to add any supplements to your diet. Take that money that you would be spending on supplements and use it towards your regular meals. Hit the farmers market and stock up on veggies in a variety of colors. Variety is key to getting all of your nutrients.

In addition, try to get several portions of lean protein a day and you should be able to easily meet all of your protein needs without having to chug down a glass of powder.